Cara Hoffman writes about the lives of outsiders, people occupying liminal spaces at pivotal moments in history. She first received national attention in 2011 with the publication of So Much Pretty (Simon & Schuster). Based on a murder she covered as a young reporter, the book helped spark a national dialogue on rape culture, violence against women, and radical retribution, and was named Best Suspense Novel of the year by the New York  Times  Book Review.

Her second novel, Be Safe I Love You (S&S 2014), was named one of the Five Best Modern War Novels by the Telegraph UK, nominated for a Folio Prize, and won a Sundance Institute Global Film Making Award. She has written for the New York Times, The Paris Review, Rolling Stone and NPR and is the recipient of a 2017 Edward A. MacDowell Fellowship for fiction.

She has been a visiting writer at Columbia, St. John’s College, and University of Oxford. Her most recent novel, Running (S&S 2017), about passport trafficking and queer, homeless youth in Athens, Greece is based on her own adolescence. Running was an Esquire Best Book of 2017, an Autostraddle Best Queer and Feminist Book of 2017, and a New York Times Editor’s Choice.

Originally from Northern Appalachia, she dropped out of high school and spent the next three years traveling and working in Europe and the Middle East. She did not attend college, and instead became a newspaper reporter covering crime and environmental politics. Later, she attended graduate school at Goddard College, selling her debut novel, So Much Pretty, before receiving an MFA in 2009. 

She lives in Manhattan with Marc Lepson and is at work on her fourth novel.

  photo by Constance Faulk

photo by Constance Faulk